Online storage and hosting
Securely store all of your digital assets – including images, video and audio. You can also host your Flypaper projects in one central location for quick and easy access for review at any time.
High Definition Video output
Output your projects as High Definition Video in several formats including FLV, MP4, OGG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 TS and MPEG-4 HD Format (H.264).
SWF, SCORM, EXE, HTML,High Definition Video or Mobile Device Output
Publish your Flypaper Project as a zip file ready to be uploaded to a Learning Management System (LMS) with all of your course objectives and scoring.
Image editor
Utilize the built-in Image Editor to crop, size, rotate, flip and adjust your images.
Audio Recorder
Record, edit and customize audio narrations that you can easily integrate into your e-Learning courses and training.
Exclusive components
Use the additional valuable tools in Flypaper including Clock, CSV Data Display, Media RSS Feeds, Video Feed, Virtual Keyboard, Weather, Map, Advanced Data Grid and Advanced Binding.
The online, interactive Dashboard lets you track detailed viewer data no matter where you publish your story (email, a website, etc.), giving you actionable intelligence on the effectiveness of every project.
Collaboration and Review
Utilize this easy, cost-effective way to get feedback and collaborate on Flypaper projects (including images and videos in the repository) in real-time online, or offline with a complete project history and annotation log. Freeze project history and notes for a clear view of approvals, changes, timeline and implementation details that are no longer time consuming and tedious to manage
Store all of your digital assets conveniently in The Flypaper Repository. Access images, video, audio, Flypaper projects and more in one central location.
File Sharing
Flypaper makes it easy to share your images, video, audio, Flypaper projects, Office documents, PDFs and more – no matter where you are.
Administration Tools
Administrators can easily create and manage Flypaper users with complete control over every aspect of their Flypaper platform installation. With simple buttons, administrators can quickly add and remove users based on seats available, shift users during specific time periods, dynamically move seats around to fit their organization’s needs, view platform statistics and more.
Dashboard API and Marketplace
Utilizing a familiar XMLA API, developers can easily access analytic data collected by Flyplayer and stored on the Flypaper Servers. Find data including who viewed your Stories, when a Story was viewed, how much time was spent on each Page and even the city where the Story was viewed. The API even lets you access all of the data collected in the Flypaper Form Components. In addition, the API is easily viewable in Microsoft Excel for companywide report distribution.
Web Editor Seat
Empower others to make their own edits and customizations quickly and easily on the web. Lock down certain elements to remain unchanged and make others editable, so you maintain control while increasing productivity and efficiency.