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An Innovative curriculum for all

The curriculum at Melbourne Girls’ College is designed to equip all girls with the skills and capabilities they need for economic, social and cultural success in the 21st century.

All our students are encouraged to strive for personal excellence in their classroom studies and activities. Goal-setting and organisational skills are an important part of daily life.

The College curriculum covers all Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)/AusVELS as recommended by the Victorian government: physical, personal and social learning; discipline-based learning; the arts, English, humanities, languages; mathematics and science; interdisciplinary learning; communication, design, creativity and technology, information and communication technology and thinking processes.

Recognising that information literacy – the ability to source and evaluate and use information – is an essential part of all areas of the curriculum. Learning methods and technologies are incorporated into every learning area. The curriculum promotes a problem- solving approach, with girls encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

The college offers a broad range of VCE subject choices as well as an exemplary program which allows girls to join vocational courses – from hospitality to multimedia studies – through a cluster of local schools.

MGC has developed a coherent curriculum program with a different focus at each year level based on the following premises. They are that:

  • the Years 7 to 10 program includes a number of integrated subjects which make learning more meaningful and authentic
  • in-depth learning over long periods of time produces better outcomes for learners, rather than short bursts of individual subjects
  • the integration of Information and Communication Technology curriculum delivery enriches and authenticates students’ learning experiences
  • the emphasis may change according to the different developmental needs of learners • not all subject areas need to be covered to the same degree every year (something determined during the college’s rigorous annual curriculum reviews)

As well as producing strong academic outcomes, all college programs are structured to develop students’ personal attributes and understanding of the current global context as well as developing their capabilities for future autonomous learning.

Parents and students can access a summary of each unit in Years 7-10, a unit calendar and individual unit descriptions. Learning targets are set by the government and Australian Curriculum standards have been included for English, Mathematics, History and Science so far. Other areas will be added as they become available. This mapping of the curriculum is far from complete and is being worked on constantly.
If parents would like to look through the curriculum map we have developed so far, a guest login has been created.

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